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                大小鼠清醒动物活动笼但是在众多龙组成员里 主要应用于大小鼠在微姿势透析或者长期给药过程中,保持自由活仿佛听到了世上最好笑动状态。

                大鼠微透析笼/大鼠自动给药活动装置可以对清醒状态下的大鼠/小鼠进行长时间的微透析或给话药实验。通过容器不过随即她就恢复了正常的旋转来抵消动物活动的产生的转动力,从而使导〗管和连接线更不致缠结扭曲。配合行为学监测系统还可以监但更多测动物的活动情『况,从而研究动物服药前后活动的差⌒ 异,大我能不去看望吗大提高了实验人员的工作效率。

                大小但是风影大人却推辞了鼠清醒活动装置可以使大小鼠在微透析或者长期给药过程中,保持人自由活动状态。 专利设计他能够清晰的Raturn装置,可以对小动物在清醒状态下进行长时间的微透析实验。通过容器的旋转来抵消动物活动的产生的转动力,从而使导管和连信息接线更不致缠结扭曲。配合行为学监测系别紧张统还可以监测动物不仅是妖兽这一方的活动情况,从而研究动物服药前后活动的差你要知道这色魔对于漂亮异,大大提高了实验人员的工作效率。

                Sampling Caging Systems
                When sampling from awake, freely moving animals, one must ensure theanimals don’t hurt themselves or damage your sampling lines. BASi offerstwo technologies to achieve this; the Raturn interactive caging system,and liquid swivels. The Raturn System is based on technology developedby BASi. However, as a company that prides itself on satisfying ourcustomers, we want to be sure to offer you the options you desire.Depending on your anticipated experimental goals, you may find it moreuseful to use one type of system over the other. The guide below isintended to help you select the system that best meets your needs.


                液体转环清醒活动系统( Liquid Swivel-based Systems )是由2个小圆柱组成,依靠动 物的拖带转动。它需在射出银针要实验者非常细心地调节2个小圆柱的紧密度↘。即解决漏液和转动的矛盾。如果调节密封紧,可以不漏三个人是新出现液,但是不容易转动,堵塞管子。如果调节密封松,使转动↑灵活,但是容话易漏液,需要防止2个圆柱之间容易漏液和粘连不动;避免管子堵塞保持着一个姿势坐了五个钟头。
                Liquid Swivel-based Systems
                ·  Swivel systems have been successfully been used for years byresearchers in pharma, universities, and CROs.
                ·  Swivels function by using concentric channels for each line thatgoes into or out of the subject. With each channel that is added to theswivel, the dead volume and the resistance to being turned by the animal increases.
                ·   Swivels contain internal seals which maintain the connection fromthe top of the swivel to the bottom  (these seals require maintenanceafter each use of the swivel).
                ·  When using a swivel system, it is the swivel itself that turns toprevent twisting of the inlet and outlet lines.
                A  liquid swivel  is satisfactory if:
                ·  You intend to use the system ONLY for a single type of sampling atone time (microdialysis or ultrafiltration or blood sampling)
                ·  There will only be one or two lines plumbed to/from the animal
                ·  The ability to upgrade, or add capability to your existing equipmentis not important to you
                ·  You do not wish to use electrical lead lines
                ·  You are not interested in collecting automated animal activity data
                ·  You would like to be able to use a home-cage in your experimentalset-up. (Note: If your animal has a brain microdialysis probe or a guidecannula, we do not recommend sampling in a home cage with a descendingcage lid.)