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                地址:上海市闵♂行区兴梅路485号 XingMei Rd 485,Shanghai,China

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                       悬浮①细胞分析系统是爱尔兰cellix公司推出的用于研究细兄弟請推薦下胞-细胞,细胞-分子之间相互作用的系统。该系⌒ 统为细胞研究提供了具有生理相关性的流体剪ㄨ切力,用于细胞粘附、迁移、趋化性研究等方面。


                  The VenaFluxTM Platform is the first semi-automated microfluidic platform capable of executing cell rolling, binding/adhesion and migration studies under shear flow mimickingin vivo flow rates. For higher throughput requirements of cell-based assays under shear flow, the VenaFluxTM Platform will meet your needs.


                  Ideal for:

                  ? Functional cell-ligand and cell-cell interaction studies.

                  ? Morphologhy analysis of cell adhesion and migration.

                  ? Tracking of flowing, rolling and migrating cells.

                  ? IC50 curves easily produced.

                  ? Preclinical drug development and lead optimization.



                  ? Robust and easy to use.

                  ? Ideal for use with whole blood for platelet adhesion, aggregation and thrombi formation (thrombosis); bio-film culture over extended periods of time.

                  ? Easy to study cell adhesion, migration and transmigration - more physiologically relevant than static assays!

                  VenaFluxTM Robotic Sample Handling96-well plate integration



                  Platelet adhesion on vWF in static conditionsPlatelet adhesion on vWF under flow conditions at a shear stess of 60 dyne/cm2

                  Human endothelial cell culture in static conditionsHuman endothelial cell culture under flow conditions at a shear stess of 10 dyne/cm2


                  玉便不留余力朝那股呼喚祖龍玉佩研仪器是Cellix公司中国区总代理,诚招全国各级经問話销商!  欢迎目光炙熱来电咨询:021-35183767