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                热板痛觉测痛仪(大小鼠㊣热板仪,Hot Plate Analgesia Test Meter Mice and Rats)测试大鼠和小鼠◇的疼痛反应时间,进⊙行快速精确地筛选麻醉型镇痛药物,更多详情敬请来∩电咨询)





                Hot Plate Analgesia test is used for latency testing in rats and mice. The animals are placed on a black anodized, aluminum plate (11” X 10.5” X ?”, 275mm X 263mm X 15mm) which is heated uniformly.




                可测量大鼠和小鼠 温度步进量0.1摄氏度

                控制保持精♂度+/- 0.1摄氏度



                标准计算机打印口,输出 RS-232输出 



                Electronics - 18" X 18"



                Part #



                Hot Plate Analgesia Meter mice rats


                Hot Plate Analgesia Meter Rat Enclosure (Square)


                Hot Plate Analgesia Meter Mouse Enclosure (Round)

                Series 8



                Substitution of a mutant α2a-adrenergic receptor via “hit and run” gene targeting reveals the role of this subtype in sedative, analgesic, and anesthetic-sparing …

                PP Lakhlani, LB MacMillan, TZ Guo… - Proceedings of the …, 1997 - National Acad Sciences

                … B6,129 male mice, ≈3 months old, were placed on an enclosed hot-plate (IITC Inc.); the
                temperature of the plate was ramped at 6°C/min from 43°C to 52°C. When a mouse licked a hind
                paw, the mouse was removed from the hot plate and the temperature recorded …

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                Hot plate versus tail flick: evaluation of acute tolerance to continuous morphine infusion in the rat model

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                … The plate was adjusted to maintain a constant temperature of 52.5 + 0.2”C (Hot
                Plate Model D, IITC INC., Woodland Hills, CA). The animal was placed on the heated
                surface until it licked hind paws or jumped (Carter, 1991) …

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                Neuroanatomical sites of action of neurotensin

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                … Behavioral testing was begun one week after surgery. A hot plate (IITC, Inc., Model
                35-D) was used to assess nociceptive threshold and was maintained at 55.0 -t 0.5"C.
                The latency for the animal to lick its hind or forepaw or jump off the …

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                … Only rats showing bilateral motor blockade were included in the study. The response of the rats
                to noxious thermal stimuli was assessed with a hot plate (IITC, Woodland Hills, CA, USA)
                maintained at 54k0.2 "C. The paw withdrawal response to noxious mechanical stimuli …

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                Antinociceptive effects in mice after intrathecal injection of 5′-N-ethylcarboxamide adenosine

                C Post - Neuroscience letters, 1984 - Elsevier

                … The tail-flick test was performed with an IITC Model 33 Analgesiameter, and an IITC Model
                35-D Analgesiameter for the hot-plate test. In the tail-flick test, the intensity of the light beam was
                adjusted to achieve a reaction latency of 3-4 s before the drug was administered …

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                Intra-paragigantocellularis lateralis injection of orexin-A has an antinociceptive effect on hot plate and formalin tests in rat

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                … minor modifications. In these experiments, the hot-plate (Analgesia meter IITC, Life
                Science, USA) apparatus was maintained at 52±0.1 °C. The animals, presenting
                training latencies higher than 30 s, were excluded. Animals …

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                … After a 5-mm exposure period, the animal was quickly removed from the box and dropped onto
                a hot plate analgesiometer (IITC, Wood- land Hills, CA) with a Plexiglas enclosure (30 cm long
                x 30 cm wide x 45 cm high) through which flowed the same concentration of N2O in 02 …

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                Hyperalgesia in mice lacking the Kv1. 1 potassium channel gene

                JD Clark, BL Tempel - Neuroscience letters, 1998 - Elsevier

                … hot plate assay was done as described by O'Callaghan and Holtzman [10]with equipment from
                IITC … Taken together, the paw flick and hot plate data indicate that the effects of morphine are … of
                focused light, Kv1.1 null mutants have shorter latencies, (2) using a hotplate assay in …

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                Evaluation of the antinociceptive activity and acute oral toxicity of standardized ethanolic extract of the rhizome of Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb

                S Devaraj, AS Esfahani, S Ismail, S Ramanathan… - Molecules, 2010 - mdpi.com

                … [11] with slight modifications. The hot plate test was assessed by the Incremental Hot plate (IITC
                Life Sciences). The hot plate temperature was maintained at 55 ± 1 oC. Prior to treatment, only
                rats that showed response within 18 sec were selected for this study …

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                Intrathecal γ-aminobutyric acidB (GABAB) receptor antagonist CGP 35348 induces hypersensitivity to mechanical stimuli in the rat

                JX Hao, XJ Xu, Z Wiesenfeld-Hallin - Neuroscience letters, 1994 - Elsevier

                … and was averaged. The responses to noxious heat was tested by placing the rats
                on a hot plate (IITC, Woodland Hills, CA, USA) maintained at 54 + 0.2°C and the
                latency to licking a hindpaw was determined. All rats used in …

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