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                地址:上海市闵行区兴梅路485号 XingMei Rd 485,Shanghai,China

                当前位置:首页 > 生理前來為鶴王前輩辦一件事信号测量 > 神经递质检测系统






                √ 良好ω的空间分辨率-直径34um 碳纤维
                √ 良好的时间勢力恐怕真就這么全毀了分辨率- 5-10 sweeps/s
                 准确度-使用现有的可定义的明确儿茶酚□ 胺类标记物,排除了其他种类物质的干扰。
                √ 采样速率: 5k/s (大鼠系统),或者10K/s(小鼠系统)



                系统不由震驚無比配套软件不仅支持传统的短期测量模式(记录2分钟以内的数据★),同时还支持扩展的连续长期记录模式。除此之外,本软件的特点还包括背景噪音消除,热点图,3D可 至尊神位视化视图,可选的滤波以及动态的仇伏案图。数据可以导出为再殺回去通用的●EXCEL格式文件。另外,软件还支持整合同步视频捕捉,以便适合于此時动物行为与生物物质释放关系的同步研究。


                Pinnacle’s FAST SCAN CYCLIC VOLTAMMETRY (FSCV) SYSTEM is specifically designed to simplify the measurement of catecholamines (i.e., dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin). Pinnacle offers turn-key systems for both mice and rats. Both the wireless rat system and the tethered mouse system use carbon fiber sensors to enable short-term measurement in the brains of freely moving animals.

                HOW IT WORKS

                Biogenic amine levels are detected by rapidly cycling a voltage across an implanted carbon fiber sensor and measuring the resultant current. Our systems can measure spontaneous sub-second neurotransmitter release events while conducting detailed behavioral studies. Both the wireless and tethered systems sweep from 250 to 400 V/s in a user-selectable range spanning -1.1 to +1.3 V. All systems have built-in support for controlling an external stimulus.

                l  Voltage Span: -1.1 V to +1.3 V

                l  Range: 250 – 400 V/s 

                l Sweeps/second: 5 - 10 

                l Points/sweep: 1000 


                Dopamine (blue), serotonin (green), and norepinephrine (pink) have specific voltammogram profiles when detected by FSCV.

                The TETHERED FAST SCAN CYCLIC VOLTAMMETRY (FSCV) SYSTEM allows researchers to harness the powerful genetics of the mouse model to address underlying mechanisms of biogenic neurotransmitter release and function. A headmounted FSCV board sends signals through a low-torque commutator to an interface box that streams data to the host PC. The system comes with Pinnacle’s FREE 8500 software.

                1. The FSCV interface box provides access to stimulus lines and transmits data to PAL-8500 software.

                2. A low-torque commutator, which is mounted above the cage, allows for unencumbered freedom of movement.

                3. Signals are amplified and filtered at the head of the animal using our headstage, which ensures the delivery of clean, artifact-free data.

                4. Stereotaxically placed guide cannulas allow easy insertion of carbon fiber sensors. Headmounts are affixed to the skull with dental acrylic and act as a connection port for the headstage.


                CARBON FIBER

                Pinnacle’s FSCV system uses CARBON FIBER SENSORS (CFSs) to measure the presence of dopamine and other catecholamines in the brains of freely moving animals. Our sensor is a 34 μm diameter carbon fiber housed in a silica sheath that extends 0.5 mm beyond the end of the silica. All Pinnacle CFSs require an Ag/AgCl reference electrode.

                Our sensor is a 34 um diameter carbon fiber housed in a silica sheath that extends 0.5 mm beyond the end of the silica.


                CARBON FIBER SENSORS

                Carbon fiber sensors are ordered by cannula type and whether the researcher needs to remove them from the cannula for post-calibration. CFS-F sensors are fixed in the cannula and cannot be removed for post-calibration。

                FSCV PAL-8500 SOFTWARE PACKAGE

                The FSCV system includes Pinnacle’s FREE PAL-8500 software, which supports traditional, short recording paradigms (recordings of two minutes or less) as well as longer-term recordings that use an extended continuous mode. Furthermore, the suite supports integrated, synchronized video recording, which allows monitoring of animal behavior simultaneously with biogenic amine release.


                Additional features of this software include:
                ? Background Subtraction
                ? 3D Visualization 
                ? User-Selectable Filters 
                ? Heat Maps 
                ? Animated Voltammograms
                ? Export to Third-Party Packages