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                地址:上海市闵行区兴♂梅路485号 XingMei Rd 485,Shanghai,China

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                Radnoti Micro Cannulated Vessel System

                Radnoti Micro Cannulated Vessel Systems are used to study physiological function of small micro vessels under controlled near physiological conditions.

                A small segment of artery or vein is cannulated using easy to align glass cannula. Perfusate is run through the sample at a user set pressure or flow rate, while external bathing solution may remain static or superfused. Pharmacological compounds may be added to the perfusate or superfusate. Constriction or dilation can be monitored via pressure signal and or changes in diameter and sample wall thickness via the optional digital edge detection bundle.


                Chambers may also be used with user’s confocal imaging systems.

                The MCVS has a number of advantages over traditional systems including a unique movable platform with separate zones for dissection/mounting and recording making the system much
                easier for users to work with.

                MCVS Chamber:

                • Thermostatic Temperature Control (Radnoti RADTEMP Temperature control module)
                • Interchangeable Teflon coated sample chamber inserts.
                • No need to purchase additional chamber for alternate volume  –   5ml -10ml volumes
                • Chemically Inert
                • Easy to clean
                • Easy to change
                • Chamber Insert serves as heating element.
                • User replaceable bottom cover slip.
                • Glass removable/replaceable mounting cannula assorted sizes.
                • Fine Rotational Z axis adjustment
                • Fine Rotational Y axis adjustment
                • Fine Rotational X axis adjustment
                • Gross Rotational adjustment Y axis
                • Sample input output ports
                • Chamber input output ports
                • Platinum Field Stimulating Electrode
                • Included chamber cover

                MCVS Suggested Setup

                The Pressure Transducer #159905 is used to monitor the in-flow and or out-flow pressure of your sample.  The data from the amp connects via the bnc connector to the pump controller if so equipped.  Attach the sensor to the 3-way stop cock that is connected to the in-flow and outflow connections on the chamber.


                MCVS Suggested Buffer and Gas Connections

                A – Superfusate In*
                B – Perfusate Outflow
                C – Oxy Bubbler (95/5)**
                D – Perfusate Inflow
                D1 – Perfusate Outflow
                E – Superfusate Outflow*
                E1 – Superfusate Inlet*
                F – Thermistor


                * Configured for fix volume Superfusate. Superfusate outlet can be adjusted to vary volume. If complete evacuation of Superfusate is required for experiments such as dose response. Superfusate inflow and outflow can be inverted.
                ** Connected to user supplied 2 stage regulated gas valve and cylinder.