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                热循环水泵 Radnoti Thermal Circulator Pump


                Adjustable temperature from ambient to 120°C, stability ± 0.05°C

                The Radnoti #170051G is a general purpose digital heated circulator with easy to use rotary dial and two function keys for quick temperature setting and menu navigation. It provides digital control for simple, precise temperature control in the range from ambient to 120oC.

                • Adjustable temperature range ambient to 120oC*
                • Integral pump for external fluid circulation
                • Easy to use rotary dial and two function keys for quick temperature setting and menu navigation
                • Stirred circulation within the bath ensures excellent temperature stability and uniformity
                • Easy to view 4 digit display
                • Three programmable temperature presets
                • Low liquid protection and over temperature cut-out
                • Countdown timer and visual alarm
                • Flow rate is 16 liters per minute


                 Peristaltic Pump Drive and Pump Head for Mouse Heart System
                Catalog# Description Pkg.  
                170051G Radnoti Thermal Circulator pump 1  
                170051G-220 Radnoti Thermal Circulator pump 220V 1