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                地址:上海※市闵行区兴梅路485号 XingMei Rd 485,Shanghai,China

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                关键词:肌肉测试 人体肌莫非這是故意肉测试 临床应用 力量峰值 测试用时 肌肉萎缩

                The Lafayette Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) System is an ergonomic hand-held device for objectively quantifying muscle strength.


                n DETAILS

                The Lafayette Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) System is an ergonomic hand-held device for objectively quantifying muscle strength.

                The test is performed with the clinician applying force to the limb of a patient. The objective of the test is for the clinician to overcome or “break” the patient’s resistance. The MMT records the peak force and the time required to achieve the “break” providing reliable, accurate, and stable muscle strength readings that conform to most manual muscle testing protocols.

                The MMT also features a wide range of customizable options for data storage, preset test times, and force thresholds.

                Lafayette Instrument manufactures devices that comply with United States FDA Medical Class 1 rules. Warning: The medical devices advertised on our website may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law.


                n FEATURES

                ? Three (3) easy to change molded plastic stirrups with pads

                ü Measures

                ü Peak force

                ü Time to reach peak force

                ü Total test time

                ü Time within selectable ranges

                ü Average force

                ? Data storage for up to 150 tests in on-board memory

                ? Automatic or manual storage of data

                ? Measurement range 0-300 lbs (136.1 kg/1335 N)

                ? Selectable test time from 1 – 10 seconds

                ? Tone to indicate start, stop, and entering within a range

                ? Microprocessor controlled

                ? Built-in stored data browsing capability

                ? Easy to read graphical LCD display

                ? Automatic shutoff after 5 minutes of inactivity

                ? Battery indicator on LCD display

                ? Interactive menus allowing users to select device options

                ? Battery powered: (1) rechargeable lithium-ion battery


                n SPECIFICATIONS

                ? Size: 3.16” x 5.11” x 1.6” (8.03cm x 12.98cm x 4.1cm)

                ? Range: 0-300 lbs (136.1kg) (1335 N)

                ? Accuracy: ± 1 % over full scale or ± 0.2 lbs

                ? Resolution: 0.1lbs/0.1kg/0.1N(0-999.9N) / 1N(1000N-1335N)

                ? Battery Life: 6 hrs powered on, 30 minutes after low battery condition

                ? Charge Time: 80% charge => 45 minutes / Full charge => 2  hrs

                ? Data Storage Capacity: 150 tests

                ? Calibration Points: 31 point (Every 10lbs, 0 – 300)

                ? Preset Test Length: 0.5-10 seconds; in 0.1 second increments


                n 选配——MMT下载工具(型号:01165D




                n DETAILS

                Software that allows easy download of the stored values from the Model 01165 Manual Muscle Testing System to your computer via a Bluetooth connection. The software is capable of displaying peak force, average force, time to peak, test date and time and force over time data. Free updates are available with an internet connection


                n SPECIFICATIONS


                ? Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, or Windows 8 32/64

                ? Requires 6 MB hard drive space, 10 MB of RAM, .NET Framework 4.0

                ? Keyboard and Microsoft? Mouse or compatible pointing device

                ? Bluetooth Connection


                n 选配——表面清洁套(型号:01165SC




                n DETAILS

                Set of 25 replacement sanitary covers for the Model 01165 Lafayette Manual Muscle Tester.