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                关键词:四肢抬升 外伤恢复 体力工作 等长肌力测馬上就要落下來了试 肌肉力量


                n DETAILS

                The Jackson Strength Evaluation System was developed by Dr. Andrew Jackson at the University of Houston. The system is widely used by rehabilitation professionals to monitor progress in recovery from injury and by industrial testing specialists to assess the ability of job applicants to perform physically demanding work tasks.

                The system features an electronic load cell for accurate and reliable measurements of isometric strength and a Nexus tablet that interfaces with the load cell via Bluetooth. The system is designed to meet the needs of Jackson lift, torso and pull strength test protocols, and the lift tasks of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

                The system comes complete with detailed instructions for the recommended strength tests and offers validated, standardized test protocols and normative data. It is lightweight and compact making it highly portable. The components of this system can be purchased individually.


                Isometric strength is defined as the maximum force that a muscle group can exert without movement. Tests of isometric strength are easy to perform as they require only a single, maximal contraction.

                Bottom line: Isometric strength testing is inexpensive and flexible. Isometric strength tests are often favored because of the ease of use and the quick manner in which the maximal capacity of a muscle group can be determined. By creating the proper test environment, many different types of strength can be evaluated.


                ? AVAILABLE TESTS

                ? Arm Lift

                ? Leg Lift (requires V-Grip Bar, Model 32628VB)

                ? Shoulder Lift

                ? Seated Torso Pull (requires Jackson Torso Kit, Model 32728TK)


                n WHY THE JACKSON SYSTEM?

                ? Pre-employment Testing

                ? Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Patients

                ? Evaluation and Training of Athletes

                ? Evaluation of Physical Fitness

                ? Employee Placement to Increase Productivity




                n DETAILS

                Designed for use with compatible Lafayette Instrument Company Evaluation systems, including the Jackson Strength Evaluation System and the VertiMetric Jump Assessment System, LEval provides a wireless connection between a device and a tablet. This connection allows for simple test setup and consistent administration. Subject testing data can be conveniently stored on the tablet for data analysis and easy access to historical charts. With simple controls and an increasing number of compatible devices, LEval will improve the organization and efficiency of patient care or pre-employment testing.

                LEval is available for download from Google Play and the iOS App Store.






                n DETAILS

                Handlebar for use with Model 32628 and 32728 Jackson Strength Evaluation Systems.