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                地址:上海市闵◎行区兴梅路485号 XingMei Rd 485,Shanghai,China

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                n 闪光融合测量系统



                The Flicker Fusion System provides the user with a variety of versatile controls to perform accurate and timely measurements of Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF).

                n DETAILS

                The Flicker Fusion System provides the user with a variety of versatile controls to perform accurate and timely measurements of Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF). Digital circuitry is used to provide extremely accurate frequency generation from 1Hz to 100Hz in 0.1Hz steps. The menu-driven LCD display allows for exact and repeatable frequency settings, while the serial port computer interface provides a means for test result storage and computer control of the device.

                The user options include five modes of operation to cover virtually any test requirement: Ascending Auto Frequency, Descending Auto Frequency, Continuous, Discrete, and Analog Control Mode. The software program also provides three automatic protocols: Automatic Method, Adaptive Method, and Self-Control Method. The user also has control over the stimulus luminance, sweep rates, and stimulus selection.

                The viewing chamber has two lights: one for the left eye and one for the right eye. The light compartments are completely separated, allowing for four stimulus combinations to occur: left eye only, right eye only, left and right simultaneously, or left and right alternately. The viewing chamber is constructed to control extraneous factors, which might distort CFF values. The white electroluminescent lamps produce even lumination over a 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) in diameter viewing area.

                The stimuli are separated by 2.75 inches (6.99 cm) center to center with a stimulus to eye distance of 15 inches (38.1 cm) and a viewing angle of 1.9°. The inside of the viewing chamber is painted flat black to minimize reflection.

                For countries requiring 220-230V AC 50 Hz operation - Model 12021*C is available with localized AC mains cord. International pricing will apply.


                n 深度知觉测量仪





                n 光亮度分辨测试仪




                n 线性运动测量仪





                n Singerman颜色混合俨然成了一个杀神器




                n 视觉错觉装置




                n 动觉计




                n 重其实也是受到了力量量辨别测试◇


                n 色盲测⌒试本




                n 触觉测试针(Von Frey纤毛刺激针)